1. Rob: If your brain isnt matching with your body that is an illness or disorder.

    Destiny: What value do you get defining it as such?

    Destiny just gave up here. People are so against labeling transgenderism as an illness because they are afraid of discrimination.

  2. Lol Megan markle is more white than black which is the most hilarious part about all of this crap. These outlets keep saying that she’s a black woman which is extremely disingenuous 🤣🤣🤣. The media only calls her black to give black women a status regarding this “royal” union lmao. Megan and Harry refuse to name the person that they’re accusing of racism so I’m going to assume that they’re lying .

  3. It’s heartwarming to see Destiny so earnestly try to help Rob with the video issues. Reminder that despite how divided the internet has become it’s ability to give us all headaches is a uniting force in the world.

  4. Dude, understand that these ppl have transferred what traumatizes them into being "tranz/woke" for the soul purpose of distracting their conscious from Reality. They are hiding/justifying sin in plain words.

  5. Rob you're wrong and I'm going to prove it by attacking your personality and ignoring your facts. Straight up this is some boss level whataboutism. All they have is petty insults and their feels. They can not argue facts, they simply cant.

  6. Why does it seem the only way the other side can make a point is to speak very LOUD, talk over you, claim they are not allowed to speak although they DONT SHUT UP! I find it very easy to reject their theory after each time I hear em speak!

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