1. Please Mota Santa we need this green stuff now. This is my only Oxygen my life Line. It's the only way I can Breath and live longer. It Helps Me and my Family and Friends.

  2. Meanwhile in Texas you get life for a gram…. only get a medical card if your dead….. some people don't believe in modern medicine and use it for legitimate reasons… but fuq those people that actually have a life, job, etc…

  3. Greed is stalling it again. HB-12 was the best bill possible before it started becoming edited to hell and everyone started shoving their hand in the cookie jar.

  4. Time to end some legislative careers. Get this done. The Governor will call a special session to put the public pressure on firm display. You careers are on the line.

  5. We don't need it, inflation will go up just like Colorado. People won't buy from dispensaries because the drug dealer is cheaper. This state doesn't have enough facilities to aid with the increase in mental illnesses. The state doesn't want to run the program. Laws are not going to change, if one is caught with more than the legal limit, drives under the influence, or uses in a public place they go to jail. Psychiatric (medical marijuana and mental health: cannabis use in Psychiatric practice)
    May 31, 2017. "Herbal cannabis is biochemically rich in a variety of compounds, both psychoactive and non-psychoactive. It has been reported that there are 483 compounds unique to marijuana, including more than 60 cannabinoids and some 140 terpenes." "Evidence of impaired academic achievement and educational outcomes was judged to be limited according to the National Academy report. Again, with cognitive functioning as with the risk of psychosis, dosage may be an important factor, since the findings of impairment relate primarily to heavy long-term use and even more specifically to those patients with cannabis use disorders."

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