High Tech: Inside a Cannabis Testing Lab

In states where it’s either legal for medicinal or recreational use, Cannabis testing is done in laboratories. Just as your bottle of beer is tested and labeled for …


  1. When I was a young lad, the testing was done by the seller. "Heres your bag, and take a hit of this J so you can see what your getting into." Granted this was the 90s. What I'm more interested in is what would make a failed test or a passed test, more then likely something like your thc cant be too high (dumb) or too many pesticides (I give you all that one.) Just want to know in which ways they want to try and control me from producing.

  2. As a plant scientist I got her completely. I cannot believe you guys don't have to test for molds, or other bacterias, funguses, etc metals, etc.. I WANT MY MEDICINE TO BE GOOD HEALTHY GREENS, SLIGHT PURPLE HUES PLEASE.

  3. You guys should check out Quanta cannabis technology. I just found them last week and it is amazing! They used quantum physics to basically remove all the negative side effects like paranoia, laziness and even red eye. This will seriously change the stigma on marijuana.

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