How I Make and Use Pain Relief Cannabis Oil

I’ve been suffering from pain related to Gout and Arthritis for a number of years, here’s my remedy! Support my channel on Patreon …


  1. Hi Bud. I sell a strong olive leaf extract tincture and one of my customers uses it for gout in his toe. If he stops taking it, within a week or so the pain comes back. With it, no pain. There is actually a trial on Pubmed describing how it works & the results. Just something to consider adding to your treatment – hope it helps.

  2. Good idea I have arthritis in my hands pretty bad was wanting to try making something like that myself. Do you thinks some bees wax would help keep it a bit more solid? Not hard by any means just thicker? Al

  3. I suffered from gout for 15 years now. Stop drinking alcohol and do not consume protein drinks or other concentrated health supplements like creatine. I was drinking expensive Isopure for years and the attacks were brutal, I was a cripple. The moment I stopped my attacks were almost non-existent. I am happy to answer any questions to help others.

  4. Hey Bud, great video and a big thanks for sharing a part of your personal story. Making your own oil is easy and cost effective. Enjoy your day, cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚

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