How To Grow Potatoes In Containers | Plus a Secret Tip for Weed Membrane

Its that time of year again and its time to look at how to grow potatoes in containers, i will be growing some potatoes in the group this year but my main focus is …


  1. Forgot to add a note about weed burners and the plastic membrane. That’s the technique I use to stop the horrible frayed strands but a small word of warning to keep bare hands well away from the melted plastic edges for a good while as they retain the heat and can give you a nasty burn if you’re not careful. Keep up the good work and thanks for the tips.

  2. New Subscriber here. Great Video. I've grown potatoes for the past 2 years. I totally agree with the size of your buckets dictating the returns. 5 Gal didn't do to well. a larger size as you said did much better but a trash can of 65 gal didn't do very well.

  3. Potatoes are gonna love the addition of straw. I've done it for years. You got me and Tony C Smith mixed up 🙂 Tony O'Neill is Simplify Gardening. Thanks for the mention. I sow mine at the same time too Good video

  4. I do not have the buckets you are talking about, but do have some soft sided potato bags which I will use again this year.
    As I need more would it be better to take the plunge and buy the solid buckets and build up a collection of them each year replaing the soft potato sacks?
    Sorry this is only my second year of gardening back in the UK and cold conditions, 20C was our usual winter temperature and upto 50C in summer

  5. Nice video I only trench these days it's the cost for me when I can buy a sack of potatoes from my local farm for £3 quid I can't justify spending?£30 or more in compost I would rather put three trenches of new potatoes in and grow more cost effective crops

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