How to Harvest, Trim, and Cure Your First Time Growing Weed – ✂️ Grow Journal 4: Ep. 3

HIGH FRIENDS! Today we finally harvest, trim, and cure our indoor weed grow of Gelato and OG! Going to walk through each step of the harvesting process, …


  1. That was amazing 👏. Probaly got an 1/8 out of each plant 😀. And ole girl don't have a clue. Put all the books and videos down and grow something worth growing. Weak clones also. Whatever you paid for the clones they got ya 🤪. All that mess being said i dont know how you get a buzzzzz if you don't inhale. Then to act like your high really puts negative vibes out there. I'm not very impressed with your grows. If you have to use those self water things you have maybe you shouldn't be growing until you can water them yourself. Cause that way you can pay more attention to your grow and do it ✅ right way

  2. hey y'all good work and keep on growing learning and sharing it's all about spreading good information… needless to say ignore the jerks … i bet they don't use gloves when they trim…. or make youtube videos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the growing and i want to see y'all grow an autoflower in the lil grow pod y'all have set up it seems like that would be a good fit for what y'all are going for.

  3. So the Blumat system is good for large containers or raised beds and ideal for a living soil (not Miracle-Gro). The reason why the roots are wrapped around the carrots is because the rest of the soil looks bone dry and the system was not assembled to perform as designed.
    That’s the MAIN problem I see here.
    But you gotta start somewhere I guess.
    Just put a little more effort you’d be surprised how easy it is.

  4. I cant believe how many subscribers you have. Just two yuppies growing some really sad ass plants. Whats is the relevance in measuring the length of the stock. You guys are goofs.

  5. Gelato is my favorite strain I love OG because it is consistent and you can't go wrong with OG happy growing happy smoking stay safe my friends 🚬

  6. Honestly you are better of than most new growers they ''kill their plants with love'' by feeding them too much nutrients. Causing the plants to stop taking in 'water'(pots stop drying out) and that delays/stops bud production.

  7. High you two. Sending good vibes always. Well well well! Look at you! Nicely done. Now ya wait and then you smoke. Congratulations on your monumental accomplishment. This grow series was exciting, thank so much. It was fun watching the process. Your fan, you know it! Sativa

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