How to hide cannabis smell when homegrowing ( + easy hack not many know about)

Yes, you can remove totally ALL the smell. TomatoTent purchase link: To get updates enter your E-Mail address here: …


  1. when i design a product, everybody makes fun of it or looks questioning. why? because i design things in different fields and people think "damn will he hit the nail again on this subject that he was alien to a couple months back?" when a german designs a shit that is still in the development stage, everyone is suddenly smart and understands the finished product as if they imagine the same image as the designer has in the mind, noone sees the silly points he misses… god its hard to have a brain. back to work. noobs. btw…engineering my S!

  2. I just got an idéa, recently I got interested in getting a rack cabinet for servers, network equipment or musical devices, and it just hit me while watching this video, that if you're into that , you could use such a cabinet to have your growing tent inside. No one would think it was weird with the noise coming from there. Now, these cabinets and even just 4-post installments are pretty expensive. So I guess it's not many who can use this, but always an idéa.

  3. So you're designing grow boxes but can't come up with a simple light trap to allow air in but no light out. Pathetic
    Edit: it literally only takes a length of bent pipe that's non reflective on the inside. No need to thank me.

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