LORD OF THE RINGS Book Nook // Frodo and Sam vs Shelob // DIY SPIDER

Time for another book nook! And time for another Lord of the Rings build! And time to add Frodo and Sam and a big spooky spider (aka Shelob)! And yes, by the …


  1. The ELVISH (comes to more of a graceful point than a gladius) sword's name is "Sting" and the Spider's name is "Shelob" (actually a demon that takes on the form of a spider).
    :frustrated LOTR fan noises: thumbs up though.

  2. Loved the small scale modelling of Sam." He's my main man". Fiona is an arachnophobe so I will have to restrict her viewing. Sorry Adam. Keep posting you certainly deliver the goods.

  3. That shout out to Robin Hood Men in Tights. Quality film. It's also fascinating that you slapped some UV resin on the eyes. Have you ever shone a torch at a spider? It's eyes do that thing cats eyes do and reflect it back. Really creepy if you're not expecting it.

  4. Adam! Have you been watching Bill again?!? Lucky bout that xps foam being spot on, I'm never that lucky. Loving your work my man! Your now officially my forth favourite canuck , keep up the excellent work!

  5. Horrifying, I love it.

    (you have no idea how pleased I was when I saw this had been posted after spending my morning listening to Shire ambience lmao)

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