Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) for Sleep (Insomnia) 💤

Bill from Orinda, CA asks about using medical marijuana (cannabis) to help with sleep. He’s been having difficulty since his teens and has tried many …


  1. Hello, I am 39y old F, with chronic intractable migraines (usually 25+ episodes per month), neck, shoulder, lower back pain, and sciatic pain on my left side. The pain and frequency of migraines have only gotten worse as I’ve gotten older.

    I also have insomnia, currently, my pattern is to go 2-3 days without sleep before I crash, then I’ll sleep for 6-10 hours with interruptions. I I’ve always had a problem with falling and staying asleep.

    I’ve recently purchased 1 gram of Indica cannabis distillate in syringe form for oral consumption, what dosage amount would you recommend starting out at for treating the insomnia?

    Any help or suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


  2. Interesting that severe vs mild is treated differently. I have severe for 20 years. Long time to fall asleep. Never stay asleep for more than an hour. Anxiety all day. What would you recommend? I am 62. Thanks

  3. I am very surprised as a doctor, you would just “breeze” so innocently over Sleep apnea like it’s nothing when it’s such a serious topic for those that have obstructive sleep apnea due to being overweight or due to an ANATOMICAL real reason such as throat collapsing and blocking the airway. I’m sorry, but for these patients with physical problems that cause sleep apnea, a CPAP machine is needed. Marijuana, THC won’t do a single thing for these patients. I find it a bit irresponsible on your part as a physician to gloss over this. Now, having said that, I would agree that cannabis THC does help with sleep for those people who don’t have sleep apnea, but do have insomnia.

  4. the last 3 nights I smoked weed before going to bed and literally it's the fastest I've ever fallen asleep. Even on good days the quickest I can manage to fall asleep is like 15 minutes… this felt nearly instant. All I remember is putting my head down, thinking about something for like 5 minutes and I was out. I have on and off problems with sleep, usually due to stress and inability to relax. When I do have these problems I typically turned to alcohol, but funnily enough, it just made me excited and in the mood to listen to music/drunk text. Weed on the other hand, does not make me sociable or excited. I just want to relax and typically go to bed.

  5. Yeas which is best for sleep? Indica or sativa? As I've commonly heard indica for sleep. Anf idk cuz I have severe and even with pot cuz of opiate WD I CAN'T sleep n omg I hate it. But I try hybrid and both or 1 after like evening time I switch to indica but whrn I have sativa I can't feel it when I have both lol. Very strange I get so used to A strain I need a lot of them to play trick on my tolerance or I don't have a well enough understanding of which is best for sleep? Indica or sativa or even hyb? I hear conflicting reports.

  6. As I did not go to a doctor to complain about not getting enough sleep in my younger years(just thought it was normal I guess) I found marijuana at 16yrs old and haven't looked back,because irreversible damage was done in my early years,I didn't need a doctor to tell me damage was done,I lived through it and my brain found its own coping mechanism in marijuana but the stigma surrounding this natural medicine was so great I felt like I was walking on egg shells the whole time as this medicine was not excepted by my family or anyone else I held in high regard so for my own health I had to go against the grain and my Dad died not knowing what was wrong with his youngest son,that is the only regret I have about taking care of my own mental health,after saying that I do not recommend this to anyone now that there is so much research into this miracle plant and thank everyone that are trying to educate the population

  7. It's 2:30am, I haven't slept since 9am yesterday, still wide awake even though I've been prescribed Trazadone for the past month. My Dr. Is open to medicinal marijuana and cannabinoids so I've been looking into what other experts have to say and I have to admit you give good logic. I've tried medicinal Rainbow shatter my cousin gave me for a X-Mas gift 3 nights last week and it worked amazingly.

  8. I used to be a chronic user of marijuana so much that I've become THC intolerant but even know I was not getting high off of it I still smoked it and fell asleep and woke up feeling more rested than Melatonin or any prescription crap . My dad's got sleep Atnia and his sleep schedule is all off hey might sleep for 30 minutes or 12 hours he grew up back when marijuana really wasn't even a deal but he's never smoked it I don't think he has but he's against it I have been trying to tell him you don't have to smoke and you can eat it too but he just won't and by the way those of you who think marijuana is freaking addictive. I am an addict and marijuana is not addictive it's a mental addiction heroin meth pain pills is a physical addiction and I'm sure those of you that don't do drugs have an addiction to something like coffee stop drinking coffee for two weeks and see how you feel. Try to fight that urge of getting a cup coffee every morning that is an addiction

  9. Thanks Dr Patel, I'm living in the U.K. where marijuana is illegal and it's hard to come across information that I need. I've been using marijuana to sleep for the past 3 months and it's working great for me. The only problem is, any day that I take a break I struggle to sleep again. Anyways thanks for the information and keep up the good work.

  10. Hello again Dr Patel, your answer to my question about which strain of marijuana to use for insomnia, was that it depends on whether it is a mild case or severe case. Could you please explain what you consider a severe case? I always wake up around 3:00 am and can't get back to sleep

  11. Hi Dr Patel, in this video you talk about medical marijuana being able to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and get back to sleep If you wake up. No strains that I have ever tried have done this for me. I do not want to get high, so what configuration of THC to CBD would have the proper effects for this? Thank you.

  12. I make cannabis butter. Then I make lemon bars. I eat a cookie an hour before sleep. Sleep all night. If I smoke before bed it only last a couple of hours.

  13. My fiancee has been struggling with severe insomnia. She may sleep an hour or two a night, if that. Zolpidem and/or Lorazepam barely work, and I'm concerned about long term usage of anything that may be anticholinergic. The same goes for doxylamine succinate and diphenhydramine. The whole anti-SLUDGE issue that compounds after several days can interfere with sleep as well and create a whole list of new issues the next day. Melatonin and magnesium haven't done much recently either. She's recently inquired about medical cannabis. For someone without much exposure to cannabis, how many milligrams of THC would you recommend for severe insomnia? Does it work best as just the isolate, or does it work better along with the whole spectrum of cannabinoids? Can isolates of THC-A be effective? I appreciate any advice you can provide.

  14. with the low THC and high CBD like you must be talking about, does it affect the brain in a negative way? I've heard mixed info about this such as it shrinking the brain (maybe it's when someone gets high? which I don't like). I'm hoping med. marijuana can help my sleep when they legalize it where I live.

  15. I have had insomnia since young age with difficulty staying and falling asleep. Doctors have found that racing thoughts aren't the problem I just can't relaxed. Also suspected PTSD problems due to trauma, coming from 3rd world country, sexually assault. I have the inability to relax. Brings me to next point. In the last 5-6 years and mostly heavily year I have extreme digestive and immune issues. If I get the flu it last for months. Constant pain and muscle spasms. Also acid reflux, hiatal hernia, Tittinus, ear drainage issue, blocked ears and sinuses issues, get extremely sick due to menstruation take depo shot for that, unable to eat anything, solids difficult to digest, barfing after meals or sight of food, stomach pains, constant nauseous and brain fog, constant pinching of muscles or nerves, locking of muscles unable to use them, whole body feels weak sometimes to the point of not being able to lift my head or a cup. Doctors say they don't know what's wrong and give me random medicine that makes me sicker. I have quit all them. I think it's a auto immune decease problem and my Chinese acupunctures says the vagus nerve somethings wrong. I'm apply for my MD Card in Canada. Cannibis is legal as of spring 2017 . What type and how much should I take to help the issues? I just want relief because as of now I am bed ridden and unable to even go to the doctor to get diagnosed

  16. Hi Dr Patal, We could write you our own letter but for us it is for our son. He is 25 & has been suffering from Chronic Insomnia since his mid 16th yr, so for 8yrs now. He has seen many doctors & specialists. Many medications have been tried with little to no success. This has become debilitating for him to the fact we have been contemplating having him apply for disability. Last dr he saw recommended he go to Colorado for 3-6mon. I don't know where you are at but I am trying to research for a clinic in Colorado as to do this he would need to be overseen. He also suffers GREATLY from Tinnitus as well amongst other medical issues coming off all this. Right now his schedule is quite flipped for our society. His sleep attempt time is during the day as he finds he is up all night. Any guidance you could give would be MUCH appreciated. Thank You.

  17. So I am 20 y/o and I have DDD, bilateral par and other back issues I also have arthritis in my knees and radiating pain from my back to my butt to my knees. I have asthma and scaring in my lungs from when I was younger; When I was younger my doctors had told me that me lungs look like I was 50 with emphysema, from when I was 8-10 y/o my lungs look so much better but what does one do If marijuana causes problems in the long run that suffers with back problems, knees problems also having migraines, restless leg and sleeping problems. I feel broken and useless since I am so young.

  18. Problem with this is that when you stop smoking for any reason, you'll have bad and lengthily withdrawal. I only smoked a bowl each night before bed for about a year, every night… Then was forced to quit because it started to make me irritable the next day. So I had to stop doing it. Once I stopped, my anxiety, severe depression, irritability and INSOMNIA was the worst you could imagine. Be careful if you use weed for sleep, it could bite you in the ass suddenly.

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