1. Funny how cannabis is just another herb but illegal cause its psychoactive? Yeah right, take too much nutmeg you'll be in a full blown hallucinogenic trip for days. Take too much poppyseeds and your random roadside drugtest will show positive for opium/heroin. I can go all day. Its just a herb, like garlic, its medicine. You cannot disconnect people from nature, that's void of freedom.

  2. Big pharma trying to limit Cannabis use for medicine, they have seen what happened in Colorado and Oregon States… Where it has positively impacted the use of opiates and other pharma poisons. Love him trying to say it only has limited use in medicine… Get off the grass, then why have all those millionaires and billionaires invested loads of finance into the industry here in Oz.

  3. Ok, seriously, but cannabis should not just be available ONLY to people with health conditions. It should be available to anyone. I actually have so many health issues with pain. Severe scoliosis, had cancer before, to me it wasn’t some bullshit CBD that had an effect. Only THC did. But since it is THC it reduces the pain but makes it hard to do anything due to mind effects.

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