Meet “Ms. Poppy Seed” Easy DIY Dollar Store Gnome

Meet “Poppy”! She’s a DIY gnome. Follow along with this easy + fast project. This would be a lovely display anywhere in your house for spring. Lots of Dollar …


  1. I love your gnome. I enjoyed making the St. Patrick's Day Gnomes. I made three of each, one for my daughter, and her bestie and one for me. The ones from last year with the shoes and the Standing & Sitting & Wall Harry's. They're all so adorable. This one is beyond adorable too.

  2. 🌸🌼🌺Hey Color’s… I can’t think of enough adjectives to describe how precious she is… and you made her look so easy to put together… I love the new fur color it is just gorgeous!!! I really enjoyed you showing us so much detail every step of the way and the flower pots gave me some great ideas… she is just perfect for spring and she makes the best herb garden watch guard in your kitchen lol… I really loved watching this video it was very relaxing… Listening to you makes life so comfortable… Have a wonderful mystical magical day and we all will see you very soon I’m sure with another great Gnomeville invention…✨🌺✨🌼✨🌸✨💞

  3. She is adorable .Thank you for showing us how to make and for sharing your talent with us. Just love these gnomes. Amazed how you keep thinking of new ones. Can't wait to make her. Have a wonderful day 💮💮💮

  4. You are amazing! The amount of detail is outstanding. No one puts as much time and detail into their gnomes as you do, and it shows in each and every one of them.

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