PhD in Marijuana – Michael Aldrich

Author of the first doctoral dissertation on cannabis in the United States, “Marijuana Myths and Folklore” (1970), Michael Aldrich talks about the role of medical …


  1. Government represents the welfare of the lobbyist, Pharmaceuticals etc. The greed and power of the few are insatiable. The ignorance of the public who are brainwashed in childhood just increase the flock of sheep who follow without any concept of what is critical thinking. The writing is on the Wall but the majority never question nor examine the source of their beliefs. SAD.Billions of humans are being manipulated by 1 %, SAD

  2. You have to understand, this government could not find its way out of a field with no fence, they will double down on stupid till the very end, pick the candidates that will at least maybe keep a open mind, there are several that have openly admitted to smoking pot, don't believe it was a gate way drug that ruined there lives, don't believe the lie's, research for yourself, this government policy of prohibition will never work, people sitting in a jail for smoking a herb, costing the public millions of dollars every year, the drug lords get richer, the government extracts more taxes, the end result, THE SAME OLD CRAPT, the people of this great country suffer at the hand of government.

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