TAAT – The Ultimate Investing Guide (Beyond Tobacco)

Let’s talk about TAAT – A small cap stock on Roaring Kitty/DeepF***ingValue’s secret list, and a company that is a true innovator in its sector. TAAT is all about …


  1. Christina lake cannabis is still stil a legit business and they will also distribute TAAT in Canada because they have autorisation from Health Canada

  2. Thanks for the breakdown! I had a couple questions for TAAT, maybe you could address them in another video (if you do another one).

    1. How accurate is the 100,000 Crossmark stores estimate? — Not all US States (I think only 39) permit TAAT's products at the current THC levels (0.3%). How does this affect any revenue estimates we make based on Crossmark's 100,000 stores distribution deal vs. how many Crossmark affiliated stores/gas stations in States that TAAT can legally sell their products in?

    2. What exchange(s) is TAAT looking to qualify for listing on? And how far out from that goal are they?

  3. I’ve never hit the bell on anyone’s channel.. but I just had to after this video! So well done, from the staging and lighting to the talking points. Very in informative, it shows you care about the quality of your content! Will definitely being acquiring some of this stock. Also can’t wait to try it out once available in Canada 🇨🇦 Curious as to how you got yours hehehe

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