The Republican states backing marijuana legalisation

Now in the United States, the legalisation of recreational marijuana has grown in public support over the last few decades. In November’s elections, four more …


  1. On the bbc they can’t mention cannabis without mentioning psychosis in the same paragraph. Channel 4 seems a bit better but not by much. Funny how there hasn’t been in increase in psychosis in the states that have legalized. Would be great to hear in a report about why British politics and media are so prejudiced towards cannabis and people who benefit from it.

  2. No doubt their paymasters see a lot of money to be made in promoting this poison, just as they did previously with opium, valium and oxycontin. The physical and mental harm wreaked on their tribal enemies is an added bonus.

  3. 02:52 so EVEN Trump republicans…
    Mate, last time I checked it was the Democrats least in favour of legalisation. Trump-tards are libertarians, they like freedom. You have your American politics stuck in 1990-2000s.

  4. America is not divided, in spite of what every MSM outlet broadcasts. A majority of Americans agree on almost every major issue. Including weed. It's the MSM and the Dems & Repubs that perpetuate the idea that we're divided, so we fight each other while they maintain the status quo for the wealthy elite.

  5. Cannabis legalization is the same as stupifying the American
    All american politicians' in power are simply too dumb to know what they are doing to their own society when supporting legalization of such a dangerous substance , a gate way to cocaine and heroin and destructive ways of life and tye inevitable decaying or the American values and declining big this country

  6. We could probably fund the NHS if it was legalised here.
    And find jobs for the extreme Tory Brexit unemployment tsunami..

    I mean, MOST of the Tory cabinet have got cannabis farms or are partners in them.

    The UK is a huge global supplier of medicinal cannabis whilst simultaneously saying it’s not medicinal.
    They earn BILLIONS from it.

    Look it up.
    Look up who owns weed farms in Sierra Leone. …all tories.

    The right love making rules for us all and then doing the opposite, it’s how they stay rich.

  7. How does the US have only two main parties ? Republicans for one differ hugely around the huge country as do Democrats but not such a huge differences . A strange place but maybe changes ahead .
    Maybe Let them both sp,it ?

  8. Don't do it Republican's…. marijuana is not a "harmless" drug…it's a gate way drug to much harder ones…it on it's own will if used often could lead to porminent psychosis….as for stopping organized crime involvement…. legal growers and seller's can't compete on price or convenience of supply….and people who haven't tried the drug because it's illegal might fell free to start….then there's the health impact of smoking this drug… increase in heart disease…lung cancer… increase risk of strokes…all the same risks as smoking cigarettes….and a increase in motor vehicle accidents due to marijuana use…. there's no up side to llegalizaton or decriminalization of this dangerous drug… except maybe young Johnny getting a record for buying pot from a drug dealer which he knew was wrong and against the law to begin with….if a society keeps abandoning law's because some of it's numbers decade thay won't obey
    Them then we're will we end up….. CALIFORNIA???🤔💕🇺🇸🇺🇸

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