What is CBD Oil | What is Cannabidiol | What's All The Fuss?

What is CBD Oil | What is Cannabidiol | What’s All The Fuss? #Cbdoil #pain #cbd #hemp #cannabidiol CBD Oil Benefits, CBD oil, CBD hemp oil, which is also …


  1. This is great information Bossy thank you for sharing this. One of My family members has MS and uses this oil regularly with great results. Iโ€™m shared this out!! Thank you again! Always such helpful information in your videos ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’œ

  2. Are Hemp and Marijuana One in the Same? No, not at all. While hemp and marijuana are both part of the cannabis sativa family, they are completely different from one another in both function, application and use.

  3. this is a great video when i seen you in the live streams i new i have seen your name before a few months ago before i got into the live streams. i was looking up information on cbd oils and i seen this video and watched it to learn about it, i did not realize that you made this video helped me out alot tons useful information great video.

  4. cannabis is illegal here i never done the drugs thing. i am a light weight when it come to alcohol so i don't think drugs would be a good idea lol i think it has such a stigma as people do use it for fun. i have done a lot of work with people with disability. after seeing a videos where a servery autistic child would bang his head continuously. it was awful he had given himself concussion. multi times the doctor were scared he would end up killing himself. no drugs helped. one hit off cannabis and for 8 hours the kid didn't do it. it has saved his life they had to move to a place it was legal just to keep there child alive. it not right that because people misuse it. people who really need it have to move to a place they can get it. i would of done the same for my kid.

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