1. 'Six' is not enough. Plants go stale after awhile. "12" sounds like marriage penalty. And now the women are talking about how they can develop hybrids that get us even more stoned. Wasn't it 'women' who wanted mankind to be bringing home the money? And working in breweries meant even more men working? TOO MANY deceptions. Six is not enough and 12 sounds like a female's divorce court in Australia. Why don't you talk about persecution, slavery, CPS, and just how my happiness can 'only' be you?

  2. People really DONT THINK and do research. There nothing good about it going recreational. There's a reason why the 3 Biggest marijuana companies are pushing this to pass so they make a profit over everything. People here in Arizona don't know how good they have it right now because of the medical program. I can't wait for it to pass just so I can laugh at all the people hoping it passes this year and complain about the prices next year!

  3. They didn't address any of the concerns regarding
    the 2016 initiative to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol (Which was a Complete Farce)

    The problem with the 2016 Initiative was that the Bill Didn't Regulate Marijuana at all Like Alcohol-
    It prohibited Home-Growing and Prevented Small Business, bared Individual Sales and Gave All the Power to Oligarchs!

    1. Does the New Initiative Allow Home-Growing?
    2. Does the New initiative Allow for Mom n Pop Shops?
    3. Can I sell my Marijuana to my Friend? (Individual Sale)

    ….And seriously; for the love of God!
    Stop acting like Marijuana is an Impairment
    it's a performance enhancement Supplement.

    You can Drive HighYou can Work High

  4. Revenue will be wasted on the usual CRAP. Police and fire etc. are already well funded and maintained. Highway fund? Included with my yearly vehicle registration. Community colleges? Aren't my property taxes already bankrolling that nonsense? At least invite me to attend a free language class every five years.

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