Your Brain On Weed! Weed Fail Compilation / WEED FUNNY FAILS AND WTF MOMENTS! #36

This is video 36 of are new series. Episode 36 of very funny weed fails and moments. we put together some of the funniest weed moments including wtf moments …


  1. Smoking out of juice containers is idiotic. You have no idea what heating those chemical additives up to 120F or more and inhaling them will do to your lungs. I'll stick to a pipe.

  2. One time my buddies and I were having a smoke sesh, and I was about to take a hit from the bong and my buddy made me laugh as I was inhaling and the bowl flew right out. Regret not getting it on video.

  3. people on weed are so stupid handicapped and ff the rails only them people need weed thick people people without brians and drug dealers are really evil they set bombs only drug dealers set bombs

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